Sherri Shepherd’s Ex-Husband Lamar Sally Wants More Child Support for Their Toddler Son


Sherri Shepherd‘s ex-husband Lamar Sally is requesting increased child support for the couple’s 2-year-old son, Lamar Sally, Jr., according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

L.J., now 2, was conceived using Sally’s sperm and a donor egg, so Shepherd does not have a genetic connection to the boy. In November 2015, a Pennsylvania court of appeals upheld a lower court’s April decision that Shepherd’s name would remain on L.J’s birth certificate. The court ruled that she must continue paying child support for L.J., who is being raised by Sally and was born in August 2014 after the couple broke up.

Now, Sally has filed for a modification of child support because of Shepherd’s increased earnings, according to the court documents.

“Based upon all of the new projects that [Shepherd] is currently involved, I am informed and believe that she earns approximately $3 million per year, which is substantially more than what our previous support order was based upon,” the documents read. “Based upon [Shepherd’s] increase in income, I seek an increase in child support commensurate with her income level.”

Sally, 46, is requesting the increase in support fees because he believes she now makes $1.8 million more than what the order was based upon. “That based upon a presumption that Sherri will earn no less than $1.2 million per annum; that Lamar will, can or should earn no less than $35,ooo per annum; and that Sherri presently does not seek parenting time with the child,” the marital settlement statement read.

Sally, who works as a substitute teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District, claims he makes between $140 and $186 per day and that his son “suffers from a genetic disorder known as G6PD,” which requires that his diet be managed and he eat organic foods.

Shepherd’s ex-husband is also requesting that former co-host of The View pay his attorney’s fees and costs. “I still have outstanding legal fees from our initial litigation fees three years ago, wherein [Shepherd] took the matter all the way to the Supreme Court. The litigation cost me well over $150,000, and left me with no savings and monthly payments. I anticipate this post judgement matter will be no different and costs in order to level the playing field,” the docs state.

“I am requesting attorney fees and costs in the amount of $75,000, due to [Shepherd’s] past litigation behavior. Additionally, [Shepherd] has several income streams and I anticipate that [she] will be forthcoming with documents, requiring discovery,” the docs read.

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Natalie Stone