Retired NY Police Officer Sues NYPD for $100 Million, Alleging she Was Forced Into Sexual Relationship With High-Ranking Police Chief


A former New York cop who claims she was forced into an abusive sexual relationship with a high-ranking police chief is suing the force for $100 million.

Retired cop Tabatha Foster, 40, went public with her claims about Assistant Chief Jeffrey Maddrey on Facebook earlier this year and accused him of also having affairs with several female cops.

Foster claims Maddrey, 45, forced her into having a seven year affair which resulted in mental and physical abuse, according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

She says he preyed on her while she was going through a divorce and he used knowledge of the sexual abuse she endured as a child to pretend to be her savior, the New York Post reports.

Foster claims Maddrey would summon her to his office to have sex on-duty after he first started preying on her in 2009, the lawsuit alleges.

She said she confronted Maddrey about having sex with other NYPD cops but he allegedly threatened to release a series of nude photos he had.

The lawsuit alleges that Maddrey once choked Foster in a park after they had a fight in December 2015.

Foster took to Facebook soon after to expose their affair.

‘Somebody needs to stop chasing pregnant married girls around the department,’ Foster wrote on her now-deleted Facebook page. ‘What is wrong with this guy?’

Foster’s allegations were investigated by the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau but it is not clear if Maddrey was ever disciplined.

The lawsuit states Maddrey continued to be promoted through their years-long affair.

Foster is now an aspiring R&B singer after leaving the force.