Pastor Shirley Caesar Sets the Record Straight – She Has Not Filed a $5 Million Lawsuit Against DJ Suede For Popular Remix of her Song, But Has Secured a Legal Injunction Primarily Because of Video Using her Song to Promote Ungodliness


Grammy-winning gospel singer Shirley Caesar has come forward to address allegations that she filed a $5 million lawsuit over the instantly viral #UNameItChallenge.

The hoopla began earlier this week when CBS 46 reported that a lawsuit was filed on Caesar’s behalf in Georgia’s Gwinett County. The alleged lawsuit claimed Atlanta-based producer Suede was profiting off the challenge by selling his remixed version of the track and his second video (hailed as the original) features people twerking and consuming alcohol, a few things the singer has condemned in interviews. Taking to Facebook on Friday, (Dec. 9) the singer says a lawsuit was never filed, but an injunction to stop the sales of the track and an image that contradicts her brand.

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SOURCE: Vibe – Desire Thompson