North Carolina Teen Missing Since 2011 Found Safe in Ohio


A North Carolina woman who went missing as a teenager five years ago is reportedly alive and well and living in Columbus, Ohio.

Rachel Natacha Owens had not reached out to her parents or her five siblings since her May 5, 2011 disappearance. Reports say it was her intention to remain undetected.

Owens was 15 years old the last time residents of Boiling Spring Lakes saw her. The small town girl was recognized getting off a South Brunswick High School bus and getting into an unidentified vehicle, according to footage recovered by police.

The FBI released a missing persons report on the teen, offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to her return. The report admitted it wasn’t the first time the teenager had run away.

Owens, now 21, is said to have gone to “great lengths” to hide her whereabouts. She had even assumed a false identity and date of birth when found by police.

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SOURCE: NY Daily News, Sarah Grochowski