Pastor Wayne Chaney Jr. Releases New Book “Your Miraculous Potential”


If your walk with Christ needs a boost or direction, the new book by the Rev. Wayne Chaney, Jr., can provide spiritual guidance.

Chaney just released “Your Miraculous Potential” that outlines how people can surpass human limitations and release the power of God into all areas of their life.

As the pastor of Antioch Church of Long Beach, Chaney shares much of the same information with his congregation as well with audiences he addresses all across the nation, all with the goal of helping people become better.

“I believe this book will help with overcoming the obstacles that prevent us from responding to the direction that God gives. When you put all of the elements together, I believe it will produce results beyond all personal hang-ups, limitations and abilities,” said Chaney. “That’s what I’ve experienced and that’s what our church has experienced. Lives have been transformed, people have been enriched and we just want to share it with the world.”

Throughout the book, readers will find biblically sound and practical techniques to position themselves to hear the voice of God. The content covers topics such as dealing with disappointments, failures, laziness and self-consciousness along with strategies to make room for God in your life.

“It’s not often the inability to hear the voice of God, but the recognition of the voice of God. We talk about best practices to produce clarity in your life. We rarely unplug in a society where there is sensory overload. We rarely have time to reflect on or pull away from all of the things that compete for our attention. The book looks at how to create those margins in our life to give room for God to speak and fine-tune those antennas,” he noted.

Both Chaney and his wife, Myesha, apply these principles in their daily living as they raise three children and juggle with busy schedules. In addition to being a pastor and inspirational speaker, Chaney stars on the reality series, “Preachers of L.A.,” and hosts a weekly show with his wife, “Real Life with Pastor Wayne and Myesha Chaney,” on radio station KJLH 102.3 FM. Myesha is a recording artist, songwriter, author, worship leader and entrepreneur.

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Source: LA Sentinel