Trump Reveals he’s Already Planning a Second Term at Louisiana Rally to Boost Candidate In Runoff That Could Pad his Senate Majority

'Four years, I'll need your vote,' President-elect Donald Trump told a Louisiana crowd Friday
‘Four years, I’ll need your vote,’ President-elect Donald Trump told a Louisiana crowd Friday

President-elect Donald Trump told a Louisiana crowd Friday he’ll be needing their votes in four more years – referencing his own plans to seek reelection before he even takes office.

Trump flew to Louisiana Friday and tried to use some of his new power and momentum to boost Senate candidate and pad the Republican Party’s Senate majority – but then let fly a remark about his own political future.

‘I don’t need your vote, can you imagine that?’ Trump told supporters who greeted him. Then he quipped: ‘Four years, I’ll need your vote.’

Trump, 70, will be 74 when he would take the oath of office for what would be his second term.

Trump appeared to relish being back at a political rally, after staging three early ‘thank you’ events in swing states he pried away from Hillary Clinton.

At one point, he brought up Clinton explicitly after touting his immigration plan, which has evolved over the months since it was debuted as a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

‘We will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed or vetted,’ Trump said.

Then he observed: ‘Now I don’t have to campaign so I don’t have to say, ‘And Hillary’s going to increase it by 550 percent. No I don’t have to say it any more, isn’t it nice? Isn’t it nice. No I don’t have to say it any more.’

Clinton never laid out a four-year plan for refugees, causing fact-checkers to rate the claim as false.

Trump flew to Baton Rouge to stage one of his famed airport rallies – this time not for himself but for Senate candidate John Kennedy, who has a runoff election Saturday.

If Kennedy prevails in the GOP-leaning state, the Republican Senate majority will be 52 – enough to push through Trump’s cabinet picks, lower court nominees, and budget process moves as he seeks to dismantle Obamacare and put in place new tax and spending plans.

On Thursday night, Trump held another ‘thank you’ rally in Iowa, and on Friday night he holds another in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Other than Louisiana, all the states on his agenda are battlegrounds that helped delivered his win over former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Kennedy, the state treasurer, faces off Saturday against Democratic Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell.

They are running to succeed retiring Republican Sen. David Vitter, who was able to survive a prostitution scandal to hang onto his seat.

Neither won an outright majority in the GOP-leaning state.

Trump gave one of his signature slams on the media, whom he termed ‘these guys,’ prompting a chorus of boos.

‘One thing we have done we have exposed the credibility of the press,’ Trump said.

‘They have the lowest credibility of anybody,’ the added.

Then he pointed to his own performance: ‘We’re shooting up we’re like a rocket ship right? Maybe because I don’t like $4.2 billion aircraft,’ he said, in reference to his tweets and comments about the cost of replacing Air Force One.

‘I said $4.2 billion. I think we’ll do it for a little bit less. Don’t you agree? Like maybe billions less, okay?’ Trump added.

Trump initially said the new Air Force One program would cost $4 billion. reported Thursday, citing budget documents, that the program to replace the aging Air Force One is slated to cost $4.265 billion through the year 2021.

‘The purchasing of this country is totally out of control,’ Trump said, not only for military but for other government procurement.

Trump continued to go after flag-burning, this time referencing legislation or a constitutional amendment to ban the practice for the first time explicitly.

‘You can say what you want––free speech, it’s all wonderful, I’m a big believer in free speech – but maybe we’re gonna be putting something in to see if we can do something about it, because this is a special case,’ Trump said.

Trump also had some fun with Time Magazine, which named him ‘Person of the Year’ at the start of the week, when he polled the audience on whether he should have gotten the previous ‘Man of the Year’ title.

‘Who would rather have it be person of the year?’ Trump asked the crowd. ‘I got a lot of women here. What about the women?’

‘Lets do it again. Who would rather have it be person of the year? A couple of people,’ he said.

‘Who would rather have it be the man of the year? That could be why the magazine business isn’t so great. Anyway, who cares?’

‘Think of that, all the women want it to be man of the year,’ he pronounced.

SOURCE: Daily Mail – Geoff Earle