Can Taiwanese Christians Prevent Country from Legalizing Gay Marriage?


The U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage emboldened gay activists around the world.

Now, political pressure is rising in Taiwan to make that nation the first in Asia to follow America’s lead.

Christians are standing firm against the change, and the country’s first female president may make the difference.

About 80,000 LGBT activists and supporters recently took to the streets in Taipei for Asia’s largest ever gay pride parade.

Although no Asian country has legalized same-sex marriage, many gay activists believe Taiwan could become the first Asian country to do so. They were encouraged by a recent Facebook video posted by Taiwan’s new president, Tsai Ying- Wen.

In the video Wen said, “I support gay marriages and everyone has the right to love and to be married.”

Taiwan’s legislature is considering a bill to legalize gay marriage.  Support from 57 of 113 lawmakers is needed if the measure is to move forward. So far, 56 legislators have backed the bill.

Gay marriage advocates claim legalizing same-sex marriage will bring long term benefits to the society.

“Because we just recently had two babies, the most urgent need for us is actually the parental rights of children. Right now my partner, my wife is legally just a stranger,” LGBT supporter Su Shan told CBN News.

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Mengfei Li