Former Wall Street Broker, Xavier Epps, Believes Trump Might Actually Benefit Black People


Because many of us feel that his campaign has not yet holistically addressed the Black community, a question that has echoed for the last year and a half is, “How will Donald Trump’s presidency really impact African Americans?”

To answer this question, Xavier Epps, a former Wall Street broker and the founder of XNE Financial, a Virginia-based financial firm, has come forward to share some of his nuanced and nonpartisan insights, as well as some pros and cons of Trump’s key proposals and how they’ll potentially affect Black communities economically over the next four years.

Epps, one of America’s top financial advisers, has managed millions of dollars for both individuals and small businesses in the past few years alone. He’s also been cited by companies such as Experian, Equifax, American Express, MSNBC, Sallie Mae, Power 30 Under 30™ and others for his financial advice.

For starters, Epps believes that many African Americans may be overly pessimistic about the post-Trump era. To give an example, he pointed out the mass fear that Trump’s election would result in a stock market crash and worldwide recession.

“On the night of the election, the Dow Jones was down 600-800 points in the futures market, but to everyone’s surprise, the Dow Jones hit a new record high the very next day,” he said.

The stock market continues to thrive and has even hit another record high. According to financial news outlets such as Bloomberg, President-elect Trump could push the U.S. economy and stock markets to new records. Also, CNNMoney‘s Fear & Greed Index, an investor’s tool that visually emotes stock market activity, has been ranging from “Greed” to “Extreme Greed” ever since the election.

Mr. Epps believes that we may see more of these good turnarounds once Trump officially takes office, but we should be careful about making sure claims for now.

“Uncertainty is important in our culture and our economy and there’s so much uncertainty that comes with Donald Trump. On the flip side, with Hillary Clinton, there was total certainty. We knew exactly what she was going to do. She wanted redistribution of wealth, a bigger government, more regulation, more rules and more interdependency,” Epps said.

With that said, here are the five proposals that likely will have the most impact on Black communities in the post-Trump era.

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Source: Atlanta Black Star | Feathers Scott