Alveda King Weighs In on Trump’s Recent Administration Appointments: ‘We Need to Keep Praying’


After initially hesitating to take a position in Donald Trump’s administration, Dr. Ben Carson has reconsidered and accepted the president-elect’s offer to be the next secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Evangelist Alveda King is weighing in on this latest development and admonishing Christians to continue praying for God’s will to be done.

Here are her thoughts below:

In light of all of this, I’m still watching, thinking and praying.  At age 65 I’ve been dreaming of retirement. In the midst of that dream, I’m now considering that the President-elect and many of his silver-haired appointees must have been dreaming of resting too at some point. Many of them have lived on this earth at least six or seven decades. Yet, they threw their hats in the ring with bigger dreams for a better world, a better quality of life for everyone [born and unborn].

Moses and Aaron were 80 and 83 when God sent them before Pharaoh. Apostle Paul was also no spring chicken at the height of his ministry.

If there’s anything to be learned in these history-making moments, it’s that age is relative in the spiritual theme of things. God uses the young and old for His Divine Plans.

My dad, Rev. AD King and my uncle, Rev. MLK, were both 39 when they were martyred in the 20th century Civil Rights Movement. Lord Jesus was around 33 at the time of His sacrificial crucifixion and resurrection. Yet as it’s already been pointed out, God also uses the aged in the “Big Picture.”

There’s an old song, “We’ll understand it better by and by.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine