People Are Demanding that OSU Official Be Fired After she Called for Compassion for Attacker

Police respond to an attack on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus on Monday. (John Minchillo/AP)
Police respond to an attack on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus on Monday. (John Minchillo/AP)

Hundreds of people are demanding that an Ohio State University administrator be fired after she called for compassion for the student who drove into a crowd of students and faculty on Monday morning and slashed at people with a butcher knife.

Eleven people were hospitalized after the attack, which sent screaming students fleeing for safety and barricading themselves in classrooms. Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a junior at Ohio State, was shot and killed within a minute by a university police officer.

The post by Stephanie Clemons Thompson, assistant director of residence life at Ohio State, included two demands that it not be shared. But it spread virally by people who were outraged by it shared it.

In the aftermath of the attack, some people shared photos of Artan after he was killed. They praised the officer’s action, which they felt had saved lives.

Though some celebrated those photos as signifying the swift end to the attack, others were troubled by them, finding them gruesome or counter to efforts to focus on campus unity and healing.

A petition calling for Thompson’s termination at Ohio State had gathered more than 900 signatures by Thursday afternoon.

It read, in part, “Stephanie Clemons Thompson used Facebook as a public platform to shame those who were grateful and relieved the terrorist was taken out so quickly, preventing even more unthinkable terror and destruction in his wake.

“Because this man was taken out so quickly his goal of murder was foiled and his victims will live on. Stephanie Clemons Thompson, however, condemns this sentiment of relief by prioritizing the feelings of the terrorist over his innocent victims, their families, and the Buckeye community as a whole.”

The petition also objects to her use of social media hashtags invoking the Black Lives Matter movement and calls to hold police accountable for violence against black men. It deems those references racially divisive.

Thompson did not respond to requests for comment on Thursday.

She no longer appears to have an active Facebook page under her name.

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SOURCE: Susan Svrluga 
The Washington Post