CNN Apologizes After Producer is Caught Joking About Trump’s Plane Crashing


CNN apologized to President-elect Donald Trump on Friday after a hot mic video caught an unidentified producer joking about Trump’s plane crashing.

In the video, obtained by FTV Live, CNN national correspondent Suzanne Malveaux is waiting for a live shot as her producer explains the hand signals she’ll use to let her know the former Celebrity Apprentice host’s plane has landed.

“That means his plane crashed,” the producer says off camera in the video, which was shot on Thursday at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis. The voice quickly added, “No, I’m kidding.”

The network released a statement apologizing for the “unfortunate and inappropriate” remark.

“An unfortunate and inappropriate remark was made by one of our producers off camera yesterday,” a CNN spokesperson said in a statement. “We have apologized to the Trump transition team, and the producer has been disciplined.”

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SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly, Chancellor Agard