Buzz Aldrin in Stable Condition After Being Evacuated From South Pole for Medical Reasons


Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, was evacuated Thursday from the South Pole for medical reasons, officials said.

Aldrin, 86, piloted the first lunar landing module to reach the surface of the moon in 1969. He followed Neil Armstrong out the door and into history.

The tour company White Desert issued a statement Thursday saying Aldrin was visiting the South Pole with other tourists when “his condition deteriorated.” The company said Aldrin was flown with a physician to the McMurdo research station on Ross Island in Antarctica and from there to New Zealand.

Aldrin was in stable condition, the statement said.

The National Science Foundation said it provided a humanitarian medical evacuation to McMurdo and then to Christchurch, New Zealand. Aldrin was taken to a local medical facility, the foundation said.

“After a grueling 24 hours we’re safe in New Zealand,” tweeted Aldrin’s manager, Christina Korp. The tweet include a photo of Aldrin smiling in a hospital bed.

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SOURCE: USA Today, John Bacon