The National Black Church Initiative Blames President Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and David Axelrod for the Election of Donald Trump as President


Among other things, the legalization of homosexual marriage is one reason Trump won because Obama lied in the church saying he did not support homosexual marriage because he knew that if he told the truth the Black Church and most Black people would not have supported him

The poor Blacks sent a message to the President

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), faith-based coalitions of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, lay squarely the blame for the election of Donald Trump on the shoulders of the first Black President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. The President demonstrated a carefully choreographed no drama, no pressure, no advocacy, I do not believe in anything, approach to both foreign and domestic policies. He wanted to be liked, admired and revered, as opposed to being respected and feared. He is not an angry Black man by any standards because in essence he has nothing to be angry about. His life has been a fairy tale that has no reality in Blackness.

He was afraid of whites but yet comfortable around them and preferred a book on the nature of homosexuality and the environment as opposed to ‘Message to the Black Man’ or the ‘Autobiography of Malcolm X’ or even Michelle Alexander’s, ‘The New Jim Crow’. He wanted nothing to do with controversy and yet he chose a job that was doused in the very root of the word. After 8 years the Black community clearly understood that the Presidency was above his head.

The President was well liked even by his critics who could not say anything bad about him. For whites to call Obama a racist was to demonstrate the deepness of their ignorance about racism and the difference between Barack Obama and Louis Farrakhan. Whites call anybody a racist who disagree with them. We are beginning to understand that the very nature of their whiteness is immaturity to its core. How could the Black community make such a horrendous mistake of electing a weak, indecisive, and womanist by nature in the spirit of Rosemary Ruether? And how could we even believe that Barack Obama was going to do anything for us when we had giants who came before him in the likes of Coleman Young, Ed Bradley, Willie Brown, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jessie Jackson and even Julian Bond.

These were not timid men, they were decisive, smart and tough and they were angry about the injustice that was visited upon Black people. Barack Obama never got angry, only at African American youths who he chastised in his speech at Morehouse College. Against this backdrop, that America sees its first Black President with his perfect family. A man who had no convictions whatsoever for justice for his own people, but when it came down to his family once can see the rage. But, it stopped there. The Black Church believes that there are 6 reasons why Donald Trump was elected as President. It had nothing to do with the immaturity of whites and their aimless anger because the economy shifted underneath them while they were boarding or plotting to undermine African Americans for taking the next economic move that this country guaranteed.

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative states, “These 6 reasons that we spell out give an acute analysis of the moral, psychological underpinning of why the poor did not vote and the Middle Class Blacks like Angela Rye tried to defend both a President who forgot he was a Black man and tried to elect a woman who was the wrong woman for the Presidency and who was draped in moral contradictions and possessed a Biblical Eve tenacity of trying to negotiate with the Devil. Hillary oversaw the DNC who castrated the Christian Church for our views, lied and undermined the Bernie Sanders campaign and stole money from the poor Haitians. Now Ms. Rye and others find themselves trying to explain how Donald Trump got elected. Here’s what we know:”

1) The lack of action against the killing of African American males

Every Black mother witnessed how impudent Obama’s Justice Department, ran by his white friends from Harvard, who were ill-equipped and understaffed to deal with the deep racial hatred felt by low income whites who could not find jobs to pay them because they were white. She also witnessed how they gunned down her son who was the sparkle of her eyes and the promise of our people.

2) The Legalization of homosexual marriage

No one that we have spoken to other than David Axelrod who we cornered in the airport so that he could admit to the fact that the President always believed in gay marriage but knew that if he told the truth the Black Church would not have supported him. He lied in Rev. Wright’s Church and said that he did not support gay marriage. Here was the beginning and the unravelling of his immoral ethos (if he would lie in God’s Church) that saw this policy emerging from the first Black Presidency as being his chief accomplishment. Abe Lincoln freed the slaves and Barack Obama freed the homosexuals. In the words of Rev. Charles Adams and the Apostle Paul, how foolish should one spend its blessing from God?

3) The mess in the Middle East

The Nobel Peace Prize committee could not wait for the President to assume the Presidency because they deeply believed that the Middle East, which was destroyed by the Bush and Chaney Administration would realize a moral revival of goodness and peace under the Obama Administration. So in anticipation of this they gave him the Nobel Peace Prize only to witness a President who was not interested in engaging the American people into a symphony of brotherhood and lasting peace in the Middle East, only to prove to his critics like Fox News and Bill Krystal that he can kill like the rest of them. He unleashed drone warfare to the nth degree that even the New York Times called it the new level to the killing fields that consist of both women and children. So the Black Church asked the first Black President and the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, where’s the peace?

When you look at Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Turkey one can only say, what were the Nobel Peace Prize people thinking? It is more confused now than ever before in the history of the Middle East. Congratulations Mr. President you did something that most people cannot. You actually moved backwards.

4) The creation of Obamacare as a tax not as Healthcare

Healthcare was a good idea. When the President had the majority in both the House and the Senate in his first two years of the Presidency he squandered it by putting Healthcare in the hands of Nancy Pelosi birthed a 2,000 baby Healthcare Bill and, he waited till the eve of the changing of the Senate, for the election of Scott Brown to stuff Healthcare down our throats, Healthcare then became a tax, not Healthcare for the poor. In addition, all of those poor Blacks who stood out in the line in 2008 hoping to be a part of this miracle, did not get health insurance largely because they were too poor to get it and their Governor was too Republican. Thus making Healthcare an excellent issue for getting Donald Trump elected for the 20 million Americans who have benefitted briefly under this bad experiment, there is more heartache to come under a Trump Administration and the Black poor will still not get Healthcare.

5) The corrupt soul of Hillary and her campaign

President Obama, in a speech before the Congressional Black Caucus on the eve of the election asked the audience of Middle Class and well to do African Americans who were connected to the Democratic Party through an ambiblical cord to go out and preserve his legacy by electing Hillary Clinton as the first female President of the United States so that she can preserve the immoral legacy of gay marriage, so that she can preserve a healthcare that did not provide healthcare for the poor, so that they can protect a young white boy who felt that he should be able to use the girl’s bathroom. Those Blacks listened to him and stood up and applauded.

The problem is that he did not understand that between his immorality and lack of commitment to Black people himself, and the corrupt soul of Hillary Rodham Clinton who cannot even tell the truth, like the Scripture says, “Make your speech nay or yay and anything more than that is evil.” The Black poor who stood in those lines in 2008 hoping for Healthcare, which they did not get, and for white racist cops not to murder down their only male child, were not present at that dinner, did not hear those eloquent words from the President, because the President had long since abandoned their dreams for our white gay brothers and sisters and these same poor Blacks turned around because they heard him and saw him for over 8 years and they love him, but they refuse to be used by him and Hillary another 8 years. So they sat down like Rosa Parks to signify their sense of justice.

His silence and non-action continues to cause death in the Black community. His White House has refused to defend the human rights of Black Americans. This is why students were forced to create the Black Lives Matter Movement. President Obama’s most publicized initiative in the face of all of this, even as the spate of racial incidents pressured him to be more forthright about this issue, has been My Brother’s Keeper, a public-private partnership to address the crisis of young men and boys of color—“A Band-Aid for a gunshot wound,” writes Eddie Glaude Jr.

He has treated us like the general society has – as second class. He has done everything in his power not to show any favoritism toward Black Americans. He has done a prefect job of not doing anything for African Americans. African Americans continue to suffer in every catalog in this democracy and there has been no real improvement under his administration. Glaude, in “Democracy in Black”, argues that under Obama, “Black communities have been devastated.”

6) The White House harbors the white Harvard glee club

When those of us thought after working 20-30 years in the vineyard, we had an opportunity to sit with the first Black President and shape the Nation’s policy on Healthcare, the economy, jobs, housing and labor and economic development, our hopes were quickly dashed by the President’s refusal to have a Black kitchen cabinet who can advise him as well as protect him. He was far more comfortable around the straight hair cut, Harvard glee club looking white males who had two or more homosexual friends. They did the advising, they told the President what it means to be Black in America. They told the President about inequality in housing and Healthcare, they told the President about the condition of Black children and Black women. These white kids told the President everything he wanted to know about Black people because he refused to ask Black people himself. And this is another reason why those poor Blacks sat down as Rosa Parks did and refused to vote for Hillary and to preserve his legacy. But they still love him.

David Axelrod was one of the white singers who serenaded the President with his political and moral miscalculations. Al was the only Black member of the glee club who tried to keep the voice of the prophet silent during the Obama Administration.

The election of Barack Obama as President has been a water shed experience for the Black Church. We thought that we were getting a man who loved God and was going to use the office of the President to wage peace, showcase what a strong Black family looked like to the nation and to look out for those who are most vulnerable. His Presidency has been colored by moral contradictions. He has waged war through the use of drones around the world and killed thousands of innocents (women and children). He has virtually ignored the poor and he has imposed his will on the Church to accept gay marriage which is an abomination to God.

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