One Million Moms Rebukes Zales Jewelers for Featuring Lesbian Couple In TV Commercial


A lesbian couple’s exchange of vows in a Zales Jewelers television commercial is harmful to families and inappropriately introduces gay marriage to children, One Million Moms (1MM) proclaims in its latest campaign to block offensive advertising.

As Christmastime shopping is well underway, the advocacy group is urging Zales to discontinue the commercial.

Zales certainly has the right to sell the “Love and Pride” collection of rings designed for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, 1MM director Monica Cole told Baptist Press, but consumers also have the right to choose which retailers to support.

“What we always do is just ask companies to remain neutral and Zales is obviously attempting to normalize sin and they’re not remaining neutral with these steps that they’ve taken to support the gay pride community,” Cole said. “Many of our supporters are saying that Zales has lost their business, that they will no longer be shopping there, because the company has decided to not be neutral.”

While not promoting a mass boycott of Zales, 1MM is urging consumers to ask Zales to pull the television commercial and to inform the jeweler of the potential of losing customers.

The advertising exposes children to premature discussions of gay marriage and its inherent sin, Cole said.

“Glorifying same-sex marriage in general is a concern of ours at One Million Moms, but what we found most offensive is having the commercial with the two women getting married airing when children are watching,” Cole said. “… [T]he commercial is airing during NFL football games, mid-afternoon and during prime-time shows when families are likely viewing television.

“Then it brings up questions about sexuality and about same-sex marriage,” she noted. “What we would like to do is of course protect little eyes and protect what our children see in the media, and that is One Million Mom’s focus.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Diana Chandler