Global Foursquare Church Community Mourns Members Lost In Brazil Plane Crash


The Global Foursquare Church community is grieving the deaths of eight members who were killed in a charter plane crash in Columbia.  

Authorities are searching for clues as to why the plane went down shortly before it was set to land in Medillin Monday night.  The crash killed all but six of the 77 people on board, including almost the entire soccer team from Chapecoense in southern Brazil.

“Several of our local Foursquare leaders from Chapeco were on the plane and at least eight Foursquare members were among the casualties,” Glen Burris, president of the Global Foursquare Church, wrote in a Facebook post.

He added that he was “praying for all of Brazil, including the church in Chapeco, which is grieving immensely.”

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