Tesla to Begin Autonomous Driving Rollout in December


Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in October that all models built from that point on would contain the hardware capable of Level 5 (read: full-on) autonomous driving, but none of its systems would be enabled until a later date. It appears that rollout will begin in December.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Musk responded to a question about the Enhanced Autopilot rollout, and he said it would begin in “about three weeks.” The rollout will be an incremental one, taking place over a span of months, so don’t expect the first part of that plan to be Earth-shattering in any way.

In all likelihood, the first stage of this rollout is likely to bring Tesla’s new Model X and Model S vehicles in line with the older Teslas currently on the road. As the Enhanced Autopilot cars rolled off the line with all their active safety systems disabled, including adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking, the first update will probably enable those features for owners.

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SOURCE: Cnet, Andrew Krok