Department of Defense Probes Petraeus Leaks as he Meets With Trump For Possible Cabinet Position


The Department of Defense is investigating leaks related to David Petraeus, the Associated Press reported Monday, the same day the former CIA director met with President-elect Donald Trump, likely to discuss a possible cabinet position. The department’s investigation reportedly centers on the leak of classified information related to Paula Broadwell, the ex-CIA chief’s biographer with whom he had an affair and shared classified documents, leading to his resignation from the agency.

Petraeus, who last year pleaded guilty to sharing the classified documents with Broadwell, has been likened to Hillary Clinton, whose use of a private email server became a central pillar of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Unlike Petraeus, however, Clinton did not face charges, as the FBI concluded that there was no evidence Clinton or her staffers knowingly broke the law. After meeting with Petraeus on Monday, Trump spoke highly of the disgraced former CIA head. “Just met with General Petraeus—was very impressed!” Trump tweeted.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet