Pastor Jailed In Southwestern China for His Faith Writes Letter of Encouragement to His Wife


A pastor jailed in southwestern China for his faith writes a letter of encouragement to his wife. China Aid reports he told her his focus is on trusting God.

Pastor Li Guozhi, also known as Yang Hua, was taken into custody by authorities after a raid on his church in central Guizhou Province, last December.

In a letter sent earlier this month, Pastor Yang reminded his wife, Wang Hongwu, to focus more on God than on the difficulties they are going through.

“Our wonderful God, our Lord forever,” he said. “Who can guess His wisdom and mystery? Our faith is built on His words (He never changes and never does wrong; this is the unchangeable maxim),” he wrote.

“Sometimes, somebody will decide something by guessing and then (testing their theory) , but we don’t. We listen more to God and less to human beings,” he said in the letter.

Guozhi has had a number of health problems since his arrest, including liver disease and a bout of scabies.  In his letter he told Wang not to worry about his declining health.

“The fatty liver disease was diagnosed in prison,” he wrote. “The suffering is bearable. The Lord has grace. The canker sore has not returned since May of this year. Thank God.”

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