Black St. Louis High School Student Attacked with Hot Glue Gun


A black student was attacked with a hot glue gun in a string of racial incidents at a St. Louis area high school, his mother said.

Lynette Ursury posted on Facebook that her sophomore son was cornered by a white student with the gun at Ladue Horton Watkins High School last week.

She said that he now has a third degree burn on his arm after his attackers squeezed a blotch of hot glue on a piece of paper and slapped it on him.

“This is sickening what is happening to our children and the response and action the district is taking when it comes to African American students,” said Ursury.

Ladue Schools communications director Susan Downing said that the attack was reported to police and that the attacking student, who was Hispanic, was disciplined the next day.

The alleged glue attack is not the only incident of harassment in the wealthy St. Louis suburb since the election of Donald Trump last week, which has sparked a flood of reported attacks across the country.

Two students at Ladue received some form of unspecified disciplined after black students were told to move to the back of a bus and “Trump” was chanted.

At least 150 students at Laude Horton Watkins walked out of class on Wednesday, protesting that the hate incidents are not being taken seriously, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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