The Countdown for Snapchat’s Next Spectacles Vending Machine Location Is Back On


The next Spectacles vending machine location is on again, with a little under 24 hours to go as of this writing on Monday morning. The next location is still a secret, of course, but the first two have been LA and Big Sur in that order, so there’s precedent for both a big city or a small town scenic spot.

Snapchat’s launch strategy with the Spectacles, a pair of video-capturing sunglasses and its first hardware product, has been heavy on the hype – one bystander at the most recent Big Sur pop-up Snapbot vending machine locale overheard someone from the Snapchat side describe it unabashedly as “viral marketing.” But just because it’s hype-heavy doesn’t mean it isn’t also successful, and smart.

The whole approach to Spectacles has been light and breezy, at least to all outward appearances, with the company treating the whole thing as a toy. Its Twitter account has been RT-ing insults and praise alike, and everything about the launch, the vending machine sales and its reception has kept up the good times vibe, with an IDGAF undertone that fits pretty perfectly with Snapchat’s brand identity.

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SOURCE: TechCrunch, Darrell Etherington