Autopsy of Keith Lamont Scott Shows Officer Fired Fatal Shots to Back, Abdomen


Gunshot wounds to the back and abdomen killed Keith Lamont Scott, the black Charlotte man shot by police in September, a county autopsy report says.

The report, released Monday, shows Scott suffered gunshots to his left upper back, the front of his left abdomen and to the back of his left wrist.

“Based on the history and autopsy findings, it is my opinion that the cause of death in this case is gunshot wounds of the chest and abdomen,” the report said.

Toxicology tests found in Scott’s blood diazepam, the ingredient in Valium; the anticonvulsant gabapentin; and nordiazepam, which is used to treat anxiety disorders.

The county report is consistent with a private autopsy commissioned by the family, which showed Scott was shot in the left side of his back, left abdomen and left wrist.

“The cause of death is two, penetrating, indeterminate range gunshot wounds to the back and abdomen,” wrote two forensic pathologists who performed the autopsy Sept. 30 at the Newberry County (S.C.) Memorial Hospital morgue.

Based on the autopsy and video from the scene, the shot to his back was most likely the first to hit Scott, Charles Monnett, a lawyer for Scott’s family, has told the Observer. The bullet penetrated his lungs and aorta, Monnett said.

The second shot, to Scott’s abdomen, struck his spinal cord and paralyzed him, Monnett said.

Source: The Charlotte Observer | Bruce Henderson