Reince Priebus Reportedly Under Consideration as Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff


Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus is the inside favorite to serve as chief of staff in President-elect Donald Trump’s Administration, according to two senior sources familiar with the initial discussions.

Cautioning that Trump’s transition is a work in progress, the sources said Priebus, a longtime operative who has run the RNC over the last six years and took on a leading role in managing the mercurial candidate, is “very likely” to serve in the key role.

“He is very likely Chief of Staff,” said one person familiar with the conversations. “Trump legit listens to him.”

Priebus took on a leading role in encouraging Trump to stay on message in the final weeks of the campaign, holding multiple calls with the candidate daily since he became the presumptive nominee in May, and frequently traveling on his plane.

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SOURCE: TIME, Zeke J Miller