South Carolina Professor Begs Student to Bring Newborn to Class to Help Make Transition Easier


When a student gave birth to her first child during the second week of class, her professor encouraged the student to bring her newborn to class to make it easier on her.

Sarah Thompson is an applied mathematics major at Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina, and one of only two women enrolled in Dr. Josie Ryan’s math class.

“The first day I went to class, I was actually a day past my due date,” Thompson recalled. “I was 10 months pregnant.”

When she returned the following week “small again,” Ryan “begged” that she bring her newborn baby to class with her to make the transition easier, Thompson told ABC News.

Thompson, 26, and her boyfriend, Christopher Maggiacomo, welcomed William Isaiah to the world in August.

Although initially she dismissed Ryan’s suggestion, one morning when it was difficult to prepare everything for her mother to watch baby Isaiah, as he’s known, she decided to just take him to class.

“He was sweet. He just slept the whole class,” Thompson said.

That’s when Ryan picked up baby Isaiah, who was sound asleep “and taught the entire class like that,” the new mother added.

Thompson shared the now viral photo on Facebook of Ryan holding baby Isaiah while teaching.

Since then, Thompson said she has brought her baby to class with her about five times.

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Source: Good Morning America | JOI-MARIE MCKENZIE