How to Turn this Election Into a Gospel Tract

Mercifully, the election season ends in six days. This cycle has truly been one for the ages. Most of us want to turn the page, albeit reluctantly because we don’t actually know what is on the next page. The doctrine of God’s providence calms our fears about tomorrow, but it also provides a context for understanding where we are.

The Bible says a lot about humanity. And with these candidates under the microscope, we have many samples of human behavior to examine in light of Scripture. So let’s see how the Bible can equip us to talk in light of this election with unbelieving friends and family.


The favorability ratings for these two candidates are at all-time lows. This says as much about a perception of their poor character as it does about our desire for better character. People are interesting: we distance ourselves from being held accountable, yet we love to hold people accountable. This demonstrates something of our warped image bearing. We have a compass for character; it is just broken and shamelessly self-referential. It may be a good discussion starter to talk with friends about how strange it is that we as a society are largely ambivalent about religion yet outspoken about morality. Why is this? What does it matter? Where does this come from? As Christians we have an answer.


One topic that has continued to dominate the news headlines is Mrs. Clinton’s private email server. It is regularly noted that she deleted thousands of emails, and with the moves of an IT ninja, wiped the server clean. Without rendering judgment about the allegations of criminal activity here we can all relate to the attempts to scrub clean the deep dye of personal sin. Whether we are talking about the embarrassed toddler or the sophisticated businessman, we are proficient at stitching together our fig leaves to hide behind. The trouble is: we can’t hide. Certainly people can relate to the desire for a reset and to wipe the slate clean. As Christians we have a word for that: atonement!

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SOURCE: The Gospel Coalition
Erik Raymond