Global Wildlife Populations Face Possible Two-thirds Decline by 2020


Global wildlife populations are up against a potential two-thirds population decline by 2020, warns the World Wildlife Fund in a recent report.

The study drew data from the Zoological Society of London’s Living Planet Index, which tracks wildlife populations and how they have changed in size. The report, titled “Living Planet Report 2016: Risk and resilience in a new era” examined over 14,000 vertebrate populations of over 3,700 species from 1970 to 2012.

The report found that global populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles declined by 58 percent between 1970 and 2012. Additional research from Global Footprint Network was used in the report and shows that the human population is using the equivalent resources of 1.6 planets for its goods and services each year.

“The top threats to species identified in the report are directly linked to human activities, including habitat loss, degradation and overexploitation of wildlife,” wrote the World Wildlife Fund on its website.

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SOURCE: Fox News, Grace Williams