Clinton, Trump Campaigns Briefed on Mounting Religious Persecution Taking Place Around the World


Experts on the issue of international religious freedom had the opportunity to brief both the Clinton and Trump campaigns about the mounting religious persecution taking place around the world.

The group of individuals and organizations that focus on international religious freedom recently met with senior advisors of both presidential campaigns. Open Doors USA was a part of the briefing and spokeswoman Emily Fuentes says they were able to provide information on persecution and urge the campaigns to put forth a plan of action on the issue.

“It was encouraging because both campaigns were very receptive, both very open to it, both very open to future collaboration and meetings – whoever becomes president,” she tells OneNewsNow.

Open Doors has been circulating a petition urging the candidates to address the issue of Christian persecution.

“We want them to start making this a public talking point and really show the world why it’s important to be talking about this and create a plan to help persecuted Christians around the world, since we’re facing the greatest crisis of the modern era – and it keeps getting worse every single year,” she says.

Fuentes says they were disappointed that the subject did not come up in any of the presidential debates.

Bill Bumpas