ISIS Magazine Urges Lone Wolf Attacks in the West to Avenge Mosul


An Islamic State (ISIS)-linked propaganda magazine, published in English, Arabic, and French by the Nashir Media Foundation, is urging jihadists in Europe and the United States to carry out deadly “lone-wolf” attacks to avenge the terrorist group’s losses in Mosul.

In the second issue of the magazine, titled Nashir – Now Fight Has Come, the writers remind Muslims across the globe of the “privilege” they have residing “among our enemies who live peacefully in their countries,” notes the Foreign Desk (FD).

“Every soldier fights on the Caliphate land [in Iraq and Syria] wishes to be in your place. We can cut the tail of the snake but it will sooner grow again. But you have its head,” adds the magazine.

“Brave Mosul is bleeding. You should stop its bleeding by carrying out exhaustion operations of the Enemy’s power and blood … cut their heads by your knives, let us hear your guns blasting their heads,” it also states, according to FD.

A U.S.-backed force of at least 30,000 Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), Sunni tribesmen, Shiite militiamen, many backed by Iran, Kurdish Peshmerga troops, and Christian fighters is advancing towards Mosul in a push to liberate the city from ISIS.

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