Friends Find Young Interracial Couple Dead Inside Las Vegas Apartment ‘One Day After They were Killed’

A young couple was found shot dead inside their Las Vegas apartment 24 hours before being found on Thursday.

Nehemiah ‘Neo’ Kauffman, 20, and Sydney Land, 21, were both found dead by a friend who was worried about them after not hearing from the couple for a few days.

Investigators believe the couple was dead for at least 24 hours, but said it’s possible they were dead for longer.

Kauffman was shot but it’s unclear how Land was killed, according to KTNV.

Officers have not determined a motive and no suspects are in custody.

‘Evidence at the scene suggests that there may be two adult male suspects however they have yet to be identified. A motive remains unknown,’ Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement.

Neighbors said the apartment complex where the couple lived was quiet, but others said there were crimes going on that were kept hushed, FOX 5 Vegas reported.

The couple had only lived in the complex for a few months and kept to themselves, according to reports.

Neighbors said they didn’t witness anyone enter or leave the house and there was no sign of a forced entry, according to police.

However, police do not suspect the deaths were a murder-suicide.

On Thursday night, after the grisly discovery, a candlelight vigil was held for the couple.

Kauffman’s basketball coach, Michael Buchanan, told Fox 5 Vegas the 20-year-old was a ‘good-hearted and kind man’.

‘I found out through my son. I made it home and he told me what happened and it was pretty devastating.

‘My son could have been there with him that day. They’re very close friends,’ Buchanan said through tears.

Land’s 15-year-old sister Kendall said: ‘I just lover her so much and I miss her. I hope she’s up there watching over everybody and she’s safe now and in a better place. I miss her.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail UK – Kalhan Rosenblatt