Forest Whitaker to Play Archbishop Desmond Tutu In Post-Apartheid Pic, ‘The Forgiven’


Forest Whitaker is attached to play another prominent African figure – this time it’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu – in a project by Roland Joffé, titled “The Archbishop and the Antichrist.” When the project was first announced at least a year ago, Whitaker was to be joined by Vince Vaughn in the film, which is based on the play by Michael Ashton, and centers on the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings – a post-apartheid commissioning in which victims took an active role in the judicial process (called on to give accounts of the gross human rights violations they were subjected to), while offenders were encouraged to take responsibility for their actions “to repair the harm they caused.”

Confirmed today, Vaughn has been replaced by Eric Bana in a film that will now be titled “The Forgiven,” with Bana playing the boorish white South African mass murderer, Piet Blomfield, who’s on death-row.

Joffé’s script (which he co-wrote with playwright Michael Ashton) will imagine a fictional meeting between Tutu (and the people in his personal and political affairs while he worked on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission) and Blomfield.

The play that the film is based on – “The Archbishop and The Antichrist” – is described as multilayered and incredibly rich. Blomfield, the self-titled “antichrist,” wrestling with redemption, manages to get the archbishop to visit him in prison, where he questions the purpose and effectiveness of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

SOURCE: Shadow And Act