Detroit Police Officer Myron Jarrett Killed in Hit and Run


Detroit Police Officer Myron Jarrett was standing on the street, next to a patrol car, trying to get some information from two other officers who were investigating an accident Friday night. That’s when an engine revved.

A van, speeding toward them, plowed into the patrol car, flinging Jarrett 30 feet. The van then slammed into a second police car and finally, into a civilian vehicle.

Jarrett, suffering multiple injuries, died. Another officer was slightly injured.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig, in a news conference Saturday evening, said the initial investigation indicates the driver of the van, who ran off but was captured Saturday morning, did not intend to hit Jarrett. Craig wouldn’t discuss any other details of the incident, saying the department planned to seek criminal charges on Sunday.

Jarrett was the second Detroit officer killed in the line of duty in recent weeks.

“There’s been way too much sadness in the city lately,’’ Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said at the news conference held in the lobby of the department’s 12th Precinct where Jarrett worked. “It’s just a reminder of the number of different ways that our police officers are in danger every day.”

Duggan noted that he would be leaving the news conference to head out on Saturday night with scores of volunteers to patrol the streets as part of the city’s anti-arson campaign for the Angels’ Night period.

“While we’re out there, those 3,000 volunteers will be thinking about Officer Jarrett, who last night was on these streets protecting us,” Duggan said.

Craig, who said he met earlier with officers who worked with Jarrett, described the 40-year-old married father of four as a public servant who served the city with distinction.

Jarrett loved writing tickets, Craig said. One area that drew his attention was an intersection near a school, where drivers regularly blew the four-way stop signs, Craig said.

“He would make a special effort to go to that intersection and enforce the law,” Craig said.

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SOURCE: Detroit Free Press, Jim Schaefer and Elisha Anderson