Daughter of 69-Year-Old Woman Who Was Punched in Head by Ex-Con in Queens says Family Is Preventing Police from Arresting Suspect


The daughter of an elderly woman who was punched in the head by an ex-con near a Queens deli last week says that the suspect’s family is aiding and abetting him, preventing police from bringing him in for arrest.

Eve Gentillon, 69, is the Queens grandmother who was seen in a disturbing surveillance video getting sucker-punched by a suspected thief, resulting in a brain hemorrhage.

Her daughter, Marie Gentillon, said she cannot speak or breathe on her own.

She also told The New York Post on Tuesday that it is doubtful her mother will ever recover from the assault.

‘Everything has changed,’ she said.

Eve Gentillon, 69, a mother and grandmother-of-two, was on her way to meet friends from church at around 8am Saturday when she was struck by a man outside the Sutphin King Deli on Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica, Queens.

She is experiencing seizures and remains heavily sedated in the ICU at Jamaica Hospital, her daughter said.

Marie said that over the weekend, her mother opened her eyes for a brief moment.

The elderly woman, a retired home health aide, has undergone emergency surgery to remove a bone in her skull and install a plate in her head after she suffered a brain aneurysm resulting from the fall.

Eve’s suspected attacker, identified as 28-year-old ex-convict Richard Springer, has remained at large.

The victim’s daughter called Springer ‘a demon’ and said he needed to pay for what he had done to her mother so that he would not be able to do it to anyone else.

Marie said that she was informed by detectives investigating the case that Springer’s family has helped him evade justice by aiding and abetting him.

‘Detectives told me his family is covering up for him, moving him from place to place,’ she said. ‘Don’t they realize what he did to my mother? Don’t they have a mother or a sister or an aunt? He needs to pay for what he did.’

The woman added that at this time, her mother’s fate is uncertain.

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Source: Daily Mail