B. Slade, Formerly Known as Tonex, Releases Response to Christians Opposing his Performance at Musical Tribute Honoring Kurt Carr and Lynette Hawkins-Stephens


Just a few days ago, The Dream Team honored Kurt Carr and Lynette Hawkins-Stephens for their contributions to gospel music. The evening’s musical tribute was held at the famed Love Center Ministries (Oakland, CA), and drew artists and peers from around the country to join in the celebration. B. Slade (formerly known as Tonex) is no stranger to the Bay Area, and does not hesitate to show up and support whenever called.

The comments took off like wild-fire as his tribute selection of “There’s A War Going On” for Lynette Hawkins-Stephens began streaming online. The comments picked apart everything from attire, movement on stage, his hat, and even his presence.


He later returned to Love Center the following morning for Sunday service, admitting it was the first time he’s been in Sunday Morning Worship in 7 years.


While most had moved on, the comments continued to grow.

It appears B. Slade is ready for dialogue, and has dropped his “diss track” response, “Conversation”. Most gospel/church response is filled with innuendo, long rants, sarcastic memes – and now clap backs. Listen here.

SOURCE: Faith in the Bay