Anglican Bishop: Christians Must Prepare for Martyrdom

Archbishop Mouneer Anis. ( Michael Adel, Bridges Cultural Center)
Archbishop Mouneer Anis. ( Michael Adel, Bridges Cultural Center)

A senior Anglican archbishop from the Global South called for the church to be “ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Christ” in the face of persecution, restrictions, terrorism and violence carried out in the name of religion.

Archbishop Mouneer Anis of Cairo was addressing archbishops and bishops from some of the most difficult places in the world in which to practice the Christian faith: Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Southern Africa, West Africa, Indian Ocean, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and South East Asia.

More than 100 delegates also discussed the importance of ecumenical and inter-faith dialogue. Guests at the opening session included representatives of the Vatican, Coptic Orthodox Church and Al Azhar University in Cairo, the seat of Sunni learning.

The leaders of the Anglican Communion’s Global South (the world’s third-largest Christian denomination, after the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches)—which is home to 72 percent of the worldwide Anglican population, or about 62 million people—discussed critical challenges facing them, including poverty, the refugee crisis and religious violence.

Archbishop Anis said the church in the Global South had many challenges and weaknesses, and highlighted the prevalence of disease and “polygamy, tribalism, corruption and harsh treatment of women,” as well as “false teaching” of the prosperity gospel, and the teaching of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons.

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