WATCH: Pastor Robert Jeffress Hosts Meeting Between Trump and Evangelical and Catholic Leaders On Diminishing of Religious Liberty in U.S.

Thursday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with First Baptist Dallas Senior Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress, who has spent the morning hosting an event at Trump Tower with various religious leaders and Donald Trump himself.

Dr. Jeffress told Alan why he feels Donald Trump is sincere when he invokes his religious faith, and why the Trump campaign chose to keep the morning meeting private so as not to be accused of using it for votes. They also discussed whether churches should lose their tax-exempt status if they engage in political activities, and if liberals have created a “freedom from religion” right, as opposed to a right to “freedom of religion:”

JEFFRESS: Liberals have created this imaginary constitutional right of a freedom from religion. That is, I have the right not to be offended by somebody else’s display of religion. There is no such thing in the Constitution, what the First Amendment promises is a freedom of religion, and that is the free exercise of religion. So what you do is create this imaginary right of a freedom from religion and it takes away the very real right of religious freedom.