Pathetic Fight between Two Men Stop Traffic as They Dance Around Each Other Like Ali Without Throwing a Punch


Two men have been filmed sparring in a road rage incident dubbed ‘the most pathetic fight ever’ by onlookers.

Electrician Stuart Saunders said the five-minute scrap – which saw two men goad each other but barely throw a punch – had passers-by in ‘stitches’.

Hilarious footage shows the pair almost dancing across the road with their fists in front of them as they shout at each other without taking any action.

One of the men had allegedly clambered down from the seat of his truck to take on a pedestrian who came too close to his vehicle when crossing the road.

Dad-of-one Saunders, who witnessed the clash in Slough, Berkshire, said the duo’s exchange was ‘like something out of a Laurel and Hardy comedy’.

Saunders , 30, said: ‘It was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in my life. The whole road was chaos.

‘It must have gone on for about five minutes before the police turned up and put a stop to it.

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Source: Daily Mail UK