Millions of Teenagers Across America and the World Gather to Pray Together During Annual ‘See You at the Pole’ Event


While national statistics show a rising growth of unbelief among young people, millions of teenagers from across America and the world are gathering before school hours on Wednesday to cry out to God together in prayer for the annual “See You at the Pole” event.

The prayer initiative began as a grassroots movement in 1990 with 10 students praying at their school, but it has since grown into an international phenomenon, giving young people the opportunity to express their Christian faith and cry out to God, which is this year’s theme.

Sadie Robertson, the reality TV star who’s most famous for her appearances on A&E’s “Duck Dynasty,” said in comments to The Christian Post that the prayer event has “always meant something special to me.”

“I think it’s so cool that in our country so many teens still gather to pray at the pole each year. It is one of those things that keeps our country wholesome, and reminds us all that it is in God who we trust,” said Robertson ahead of the 26th annual SYATP.

Beth Nimmo, the mother of Rachel Joy Scott, the first victim shot and killed at Columbine High School in 1999 after being asked if she still believed in God, will be returning to the school to join students in prayer.

Nimmo’s daughter is portrayed in the upcoming film “I’m Not Ashamed” that tells Rachel’s story and the impact her faith in Jesus Christ continues to have on people. Nimmo described her daughter’s life as the “journey of a Christian teen who loved the Lord but struggled every day to live out her faith among her peers.”

Nimmo shared her hopes that the SYATP event, along with the film and I Am Hope, a four-week discipleship program empowering youth to share their faith launched by Pure Flix Alliance, will continue Rachel’s quest to start a chain reaction of “love and compassion.”

Much like this year’s event, past SYATP gatherings have encouraged the spiritual awakening of young people in America and around the world, calling on students to meet at school flagpoles to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school, and nation to God.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov