National Black Church Initiative says the Mayor of Charlotte and the Chief of Police ‘Lack the Ethical and Cultural Transparency to Lead the Residents of Charlotte’; Urge Resignations


The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, is calling upon Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Police Chief Kerr Putney to resign immediately because they lack both the ethical and cultural transparency to lead the citizens of Charlotte. We have instructed our Church leadership to call for their resignation this Sunday from their pulpits. We can no longer stand by and allow the political structure of cities, a Black police chief and a White Mayor to plot behind closed doors about how they plan to cover up the murder of another Black man.

Chief Putney talked eloquently about his father and how his father was murdered by the police in North Carolina and the Church cries for his pain on this issue. We understand his pain and we understand because he’s a Black man and we understand the fact that he has a crossed loyalty because on the one hand he is a Black man but on the other hand he is the Chief of Police. Those complexities of emotions will convict all of us, but the fact of the matter, that he has already experienced this with the death of his father means he should know how to proceed as Chief of Police when he is confronted with such an issue. Black policemen, Black judges and Black politicians believe that if they play it by the book no one can fault them for being bias. The problem is that they are upholding a biased system that covers up the stain that is found on the hearts of those who wear the color blue therefore they become an accessory to the crime.

The media now will begin to try to assassinate the character of Mr. Scott who has had a troubled past, not because he’s a bad person but because he has an undiagnosed and untreatable mental health disease. Our society makes no distinction for such mental shortcomings but the Church will defend Mr. Scott’s humanity, this is why we are taking these dramatic actions against the Mayor and the Chief of Police.

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative says, “Here’s another fine African American Chief of Police who is a member of NOBLE that decided to play it by the books and the letter of the law. Despite his own personal tragedy of his father he decided to consult with the Mayor and the Fraternal Order of Police to cover up, hide and plot on how to quiet the negroes and protect the racist white cop who was so eager to kill Keith Scott rather than allow his family members to help to try to talk him down. Those police officers who pulled the trigger had water running from their mouths and their hearts because they were so thirsty to kill another Black man. They knew that a Black police Chief would only have one option but to defend them and support their version of how they would have gotten away with killing another Black man but the righteous people of Charlotte and the Black Church will have none of that and we say they all must go and they must go now.”

What Chief Putney should have done immediately is not only release the video tape but go to that family and tell that family that the police are going to do everything possible to make sure that Keith Scott’s death was not in vain and that he personally will see to it that those responsible for the death of Mr. Scott will face the swiftest administrative and judicial justice.

Instead Chief Putney went to his office, called the Mayor and they plotted to play it by the books, play it to the letter of the law, which allowed them to cover up the evidence that the people demand and begin to work out the timeline which is important for conviction and victory in court. What both of them failed to understand was the righteous indignation held by angry African Americans who have seen this play too many times. This is why 34,000 churches are left with one option, and that is not to cooperate with the establishment but rather to call for them both to step down and resign immediately for trying to cover up an illegal and bad shooting.

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Source: NBCI