Louisiana Police Investigating Neighborhood Watch Group Members Warning to Watch Young Black Men


Police in Shreveport, Louisiana are investigating a neighborhood watch group for allegedly making racist social media posts and calling for “vigilante justice.” Several members of a neighborhood watch group in the Broadmoor neighborhood posted comments to Facebook suggesting that residents should watch young black men in the area after a spate of car break-ins. One person suggested taking action, writing, “I volunteer for the vigilante justice force!” James Richard, the page’s co-administrator, said several posts had been deleted for breaking the rules about abusive or inflammatory comments. At least one member was blocked from the group for making “blatantly racist” comments, he said. Police were notified of the incident by residents of the group who were alarmed that their children were becoming targets after the racist stereotyping. “I wanted them to do something — people can’t play police officers,” said Darcel Moreno, a resident who feared for her two young sons’ safety after the group’s calls for vigilante justice.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet