WATCH: T.D. Jakes’ Plea In Wake of Charlotte Shooting, Protests: ‘This Is More Than a Black and Blue Problem; This Is An American Crisis’


This is a moment of outrage.

I believe that the death of Keith Lamont Scott has ignited the smoldering embers of a community who feels demoralized and often victimized by the same people that others rely on for help.

We have lost the trust of the people we serve that cannot be ignored. According to a tally being tallied by the Guardian Newspaper police have killed 193 black men in 2016 so far. The numbers are racing toward the totals of 2015’s shocking 306 men often without accountability.

It is absolutely true that the violence and crime undermines the message the protesters come to bring forward. But the National Guard can restore order but only respect and transparency can restore trust!

I’m calling for reasoned people to work out these differences with a justice that rebuilds trust!

Until our cities see this as more than a Black and Blue problem, and more aptly understand that this is an American crisis for all people to rally around the table for a better America.

This kind of problem will happen again and again.

My hope is that we don’t mishandle what will sooner or later require that we hold those who hold us accountable equally accountable. Whatever is right, whatever really happened, it is clear this is not a community that will go away and bury the dead and leave the questions alive. This is the time that the city and the people must have a transparent conversation and open up the evidence until all of Charlotte is reassured that justice doesn’t peek whether you are Black, White or Blue.'%20powerful%20plea%20in%20wake%20of%20Charlotte%20shooting%2C%20protests&site=291&playerid=6918249996581&dfpid=32805352&dfpposition=Video_prestream_external§ion=home

SOURCE: 13 News Now