Thousands of Kenyan Villagers Accept Jesus In 10 Day Revival


On June 30th, 640 missionaries arrived in Kakamega, a small town in Western Kenya. The missionaries came from all over the country and from other parts of the world; each one was there for one reason: to spend the next 10 days sharing the Gospel with anyone who would listen by knocking on doors, visiting prisons, preaching in the markets and bringing the Good News to the people of Kakamega. 

They started with a town cleaning event, gathering in the center of the city with brooms and bags to clean the rubbish off the streets of Kakamega, and from there they travelled in groups to visit churches and go door-to-door, taking Christ’s love into people’s homes.

Throughout the week, AE reached out to every portion of society. 128 bishops, pastors and city leaders attended the Leaders Dinner where their guest speaker encouraged them to be responsible, creative, disciplined and accountable leaders of society. At a Professionals Forum at Kimadep Hotel, professionals from every field discussed the issue of ‘calling’ from Romans 12 and Luke 12. There were meetings for student leaders, couples, women, pastors and their wives, and widows/widowers. The school ministry was one of the most successful and far-reaching campaigns and reached 7000 students. 1341 young people gave their lives to Christ.

A group of selected volunteers joined with Masinde Muliro University and Kenya Medical Training College students at two selected zones for an “anti-jigger campaign” – providing treatment for people with the parasitic flea bites that are common in the area. Six hundred people were ministered to and 63 people surrendered their lives to Christ. The Jireh Fund from Hong Kong partnered with AE in this project and donated two microscopes to local hospitals.

Finally, at the closing rally, Mr Stephen Lungu, AE International Ambassador at Large and a Kenyan national, spoke to the masses about the love of God. All in all, 72,115 people in Kakamega were reached and 6,944 received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

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SOURCE: Africa Enterprise