Whoopi Goldberg Is Leaving ‘The View’ After 20th Season

© Provided by Variety
© Provided by Variety

Whoopi Goldberg is expected to take her final bow at the end of this season of “The View.”

Goldberg appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” Friday, in which she revealed she would most likely not return to “The View” for its 21st season.

“So in September, when everyone comes back for the new season, you might not be there.” Williams probed.

“No, probably not,” Goldberg said off-hand. “I have to [move on], baby, because I have to go and grow. I got stuff to do, I got movies I need to direct, I got books I got to finish.”

Goldberg, who has co-hosted the show since 2007, has maintained seniority over all the current hosts with the exception of Joy Behar, who joined the show in 1997 but left from 2013-15.

“This was great and I love doing it,” Goldberg continued. “But its been a while. They’re in their 20th season. They did this without me — I’ve been there for half of it but not all of it.”

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Source: Variety | Arya Roshanian