Hundreds of Thousands of Women Participate In Nationwide “Cry Out” Event to Pray for America


Hundreds of thousands of women in thousands of locations around the world will be praying for America Friday.

It is all part of “Cry Out,”a nationwide prayer event for women, Sept. 23. Some 100,000 women are expected to take part.

The ministry organization True Woman is sponsoring the prayer rally as part of it’s annual conference, which kicked off Wednesday.

The goal is to call women from all walks of life, to join together and cry out to God in earnest prayer for such a time as this.

Friday evening will be devoted to crying out to God to revive his people and bring about a spiritual awakening in our nation and our world.

CBN News reporter Charlene Aaron spoke with Leslie Bennett, media spokesperson for “Cry Out.”

“These are desperate times times that we live in,” Bennett said. “And desperate times require desperate prayer. And just like the Prophet Jeremiah called for the wailing women in Jeremiah 9, that’s what we’re doing, to call women to be just broken over the things that are breaking God’s heart.”

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