Sean Hannity Appears in Trump Promotional Video; Fox Says It Won’t Happen Again


Fox has confirmed that it did not know about a recent Trump promotional video featuring Sean Hannity, and that Hannity would not be appearing in similar videos in the future.

In the eight-minute video, which is aimed at gun-rights activists and hunters and called #HeartlandforTrump, Hannity appears with other Trump surrogates like Mark Geist, the Benghazi survivor, and his son Donald Trump Jr. In his section Hannity speaks for about 30 seconds and extols the virtues of a Trump presidency, including looser gun laws, stricter immigration laws, and the dismantling of Obamacare.

While Fox News seemed genuinely surprised by the existence of the video, Hannity has made no secret of his outspoken support for Trump. Hannity has spent the election singing the candidate’s praises on his nightly Fox News show and national radio program, hosting notoriously softball town hall forums for him, and even flying Newt Gingrich — who was being vetted as a possible vice presidential candidate — to a meeting with Trump in Indianapolis on his private jet.

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SOURCE: Daily Intelligencer, Charley Lanyon