Pastors In Charlotte Offer Hope, Spiritual Healing After Killing of Keith Lamont Scott


Pastors and faith leaders in Charlotte are offering hope and spiritual healing in the wake of the killing of Keith Lamont Scott, a black man shot by a black police officer.

Police say a gun was recovered on the scene. His family, however, insists he didn’t have a gun, but a book.

Violent protests erupted in the city Wednesday as a result of the shooting.

Dot Cannamela lives in the same neighborhood as Scott and she told CBN News that God protected her by delaying her commute by 15 minutes that night.

“I prayed with a pastor friend of mine for safety and protection. I didn’t have a good feeling,” she recalled.

The neighborhood is by UNCC and dozens of people came out and harassed officers and lab workers. Cannamela said what she experienced could only be described as chaos.

“The violence and destruction, people cannot imagine,” she said. “There was vulgarity…I was called names that I don’t even want to tell you,” she added.

Cannamela said that the violence and tension was so high that she could not approach the victim’s family to share the words of encouragement the Lord put on her heart.

“I want to give encouragement, plant a seed with people, (to) my brothers and sisters in the Lord and people unsaved that we can overcome and God is in control”.

“I believe the leaders in this town, in this state, in our government they (shouldn’t) take this lightly and my prayer to the Lord is that we try to be in peace and unity and show love to people. What we need to try to do here is show love to people. That’s what Christ represented,” she added.

North Carolina’s governor has declared a state of emergency, calling in the National Guard and state police to help restore order.

Pastor Kirby Anthony of R5 Church said he felt God compelled him to attend the protests Wednesday.

In an interview with CBN News he said, “Last night me, myself and a couple of brothers from our church decided to go down into uptown for one reason and one reason only, to pray and to be a light for those that were there.”

“To be a light for the police officers and a light for the protesters,” said Anthony.

He shared what he saw at the protests, many of which, he said, were peaceful.

“We saw some people protesting silently, obviously we saw the police officers, who at that time were very reserved, standing in a straight line, just standing there quietly and then we did see some protesters that were down there. You could tell they were there just to cause trouble,” he explained.

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Charlene Aaron