Israel Houghton Hits the Stage For First Time Since Engagement to Adrienne Bailon at Elevation Church’s Annual Conference


Israel Houghton had quite the rough ride in the media this year after announcing his divorce to his long-time wife and then months later his engagement to new girlfriend Adrienne Bailon. The popular worship leader is now back out ministering and many Christian music supporters welcomed him back as he led a song last week at Code Orange Revival sponsored by Elevation Church in North Carolina.

“It was such an honor joining with the @elevationworship team tonight at @elevationchurch for #codeorangerevival singing one of my favorite songs ‘O Come To The Altar’ Such a great refreshing couple days here. Thank you @stevenfurtick for being my friend,” Houghton wrote on Instagram.

Pastor Steven Furtick also celebrated having Houghton at the revival. The young leader even posted a video of the two of them singing a song together while sitting in the audience.

“One of my favorite #CodeOrangeRevival moments – most awkward spontaneous hymn duet in church history with my brother and friend, Israel & New Breed,” Furtick shared on Facebook.

When the video clip of Furtick and Houghton hit the internet people immediately shared their thoughts on Houghton leading worship.

“God bless you. Keep moving forward. You have a lot of people that are not just fans, but brothers that pray for you and love you,” a Facebook user wrote.

Another said, “May the Lord restore you back up to higher and deeper levels than you could ever imagine.”

In the midst of hundreds of congratulatory posts, a few others were not so supportive, however, and blasted Houghton for committing adultery, getting a divorce and then getting into a new relationship so quickly.

“Israel Houghton has been adulterous with no repentance but instead openly stated God’s approval. That isn’t something to be proud of,” someone wrote.


SOURCE: The Christian Post – Jeannie Law