Connecticut Student Punished After Posting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Blackface Picture


A Connecticut college student was disciplined on Wednesday after she uploaded a picture of her friend wearing a beauty facial mask to Snapchat with the caption, ‘Black lives matter.’

The photo went viral within hours, prompting an intense backlash on social media.

The woman in question is a student at Quinnipiac University, according to Fox 61.

Initially, the image was perceived as intentionally incendiary, with the woman pictured seeking to denigrate African Americans by painting ‘blackface.’

Social media users who saw the photo called for the expulsion of the woman in the picture.

It was later learned, however, that the student in the image was wearing a beauty facial mask and that she had no knowledge that the person taking the photograph would post it on Snapchat with a racially insensitive caption.

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Source: Daily Mail UK