NCAA and ACC Put Athletes at Risk for Sexual Assault


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) have damaged their image by jumping into a political fray over the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. Do they really think so little of women to invade their privacy and subject them to sexual assault in order to side with a political agenda? “It is hypocritical for an organization that divides athletic teams by male and female to boycott a state that divides restrooms by male and female,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

The North Carolina law, known as House Bill 2, signed by Gov. Pat McCrory in March, represents mainstream America. North Carolina is one of 29 states which do not recognize “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as protected classes at the state level for purposes of public accommodations.

The NCAA says it will move Division I, II and III championships or playoffs from North Carolina. In doing so, the NCAA will likely face millions of dollars in penalties because the arenas have already been booked. But the NCAA apparently does not care about the people it is hurting or those who have booked flights and hotels. The ACC has also jumped into this fray. The ACC announced its December conference championship will relocate from Charlotte to an unspecified location followed the NBA’s decision in July to move its 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte.

“The NCAA and ACC are not acting in the best interest of those they represent. Their decision goes against the majority of colleges and universities and also against the public, which do not want men using women’s private restrooms, showers and locker rooms. Such a policy undercuts the progress made in women’s sports by allowing men to compete on women’s teams. Moreover, if these organizations boycott North Carolina over this common sense policy, then they will have to boycott the majority of states and will soon run out of locations for sporting events,” said Staver.

Sexual assault has already increased in those businesses that allow men into women’s dressing rooms and bathrooms. For example, there has recently been another incident where a man was caught recording women undressing in changing rooms at a Target store in Frisco, Texas. In addition, a 51-year-old, cross-dressing male in Georgia entered the women’s restroom and exposed himself. In Minneapolis, a 15-year-old boy entered the girls’ locker room, where five girls were in various stages of undress, as they prepared for a basketball game. The boy disrobed in front of the frightened girls. When the girls and the parents complained, school authorities said they could not prevent boys from using the girls’ locker room because of the so-called “transgender” policy and the girls lost the privilege to their own restroom.

Rev. Franklin Graham wrote a pointed letter to the ACC pointing out that it is hypocritical. While boycotting North Carolina over this common sense policy, the ACC, and also the NCAA, rake in millions of dollars from corporate sponsors who profit from their operations in foreign countries where women and minorities are killed, tortured and treated as slaves. “The NCAA and the ACC ought to clean up their own act and stop profiting from sponsors who profit from gross violations of human rights. These athletic associations are putting women at risk and are out of touch with reality,” said Staver.

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