Are Democrats Losing Control of Black Americans?


Regardless of the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump’s rise will force the Democratic Party to eventually have to address how its elected officials have neglected black Americans, its most loyal constituency.

The Democratic Party’s worse nightmare happened when Donald Trump reached out to black Americans at a campaign rally in Wisconsin. Trump’s outreach was prefaced by challenging blacks to do an honest assessment of their return on investment after 50 years of voting Democrat. The most damning words that Trump spoke were “what the hell do you have to lose” by voting Trump? The last thing Democrats want blacks to do is to ponder that very question, knowing that the answer is nothing.

In the meantime, Democrats and their cohorts in the media have become unhinged at Trump’s outreach to blacks. For weeks prior to and immediately after Trump’s initial outreach, the media were quick to erroneously report that polls had Trump getting only 1% of black support. Of course, any thinking person who studies history knows that those supposed polls could not be accurate. Every Republican president in history has gotten at least 4-6% of the black vote. How is it possible that Trump was getting only one percent? Furthermore, if the polls were indeed accurate, why were liberals so upset at Trump’s outreach?

The fact of the matter is that even before Trump made a public outreach to blacks, many blacks had signed on to support him, and liberals knew it. Several current polls have Trump receiving 15-23% of the black support nationally. That is the highest black support any Republican presidential candidate has received in over 50 years. This explains why Hillary Clinton decided to recycle the birther issue (that backfired) and the Congressional Black Caucus’s decision to put on that spectacle of feigning outrage over Trump’s birtherism while coalescing around Hillary Clinton, the mother who actually gave birth to birtherism. Yet none of the members of the CBC seems to have a problem being the landlord over the inner-city ghettos.

Many black Trump supporters are former Democrats. In fact, I am in contact on a daily basis, through social media and other venues, with several (I have never been a Democrat). It is refreshing to hear of their journeys of discovering (through history and personal experiences) what the Democratic Party really represents.

There are also some blacks who are currently part of the Democratic Party who have discovered what white Democrats really think about blacks. Nikki Johnson-Houston, a black female and a contributor at the Huffington Post, describes herself as lifelong Democrat. She wrote an eye-opening article titled “The Culture of The Smug White Liberal.” What I find fascinating about this article are the contradictions of what the Democratic Party claims it stands for and what it actually practices.

Mrs. Johnson-Houston describes what attracted her to the Democratic Party:

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Source: The American Thinker | Patricia L. Dickson