WATCH: Tracee Ellis Ross Explains “Black-ish” to Stephen Colbert


Every time Stephen Colbert has a cast member from Black-ish on his show, he asks them for their version of what the show’s title means. On Thursday night, it was Tracee Ellis Ross’ turn.

“In terms of what the show expresses, being black is not a monolithic experience,” Ross said. “So our show explores what it is to be black today, and how that has evolved and changed and is changing, and what that experience is for this family.”

Colbert then wanted to know if it was possible for him to be “black-ish.” The host acknowledged his whiteness but said he wanted everybody to understand each other.

“I believe in a colorful world, so it’s not really about you needing to be something other than you are,” Ross said. “It’s actually about two people celebrating what they are and finding the connection in that, and the human experience there.”

Watch the clip below.

SOURCE: EW – Christian Holub