Indiana Police Investigating Alleged Voter Registration Fraud


Indiana State Police are investigating after a private voter registration outfit allegedly was caught filing fraudulent voter registration forms.

The group, the Indiana Voter Registration Project, has employed canvassers to walk the streets in Indianapolis and approach people to ask if they are registered to vote, the Indianapolis Star reported. If they are not, the group, which told the Indianapolis Star it is non-partisan, then offers to register the individual by giving them a registration form to fill out.

State police said officials in at least two counties have found 10 voter registration forms that appear to have been filled out fraudulently by the group. The forms included a change of address for voters, but did not have other critical information needed to complete that change, including a Social Security number or date of birth.

The practical effect, according to the Lafayette Journal & Courier, would be to enable the person committing the fraud to apply for an absentee ballot in the voter’s name without their knowledge.

Hendricks County Clerk Debbie Hoskins, a Republican, said her office found discrepancies on several forms and notified Indiana State Police.

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson said concerned voters can check their registration status online at, or with their local county clerk’s office.

“Election integrity and security is a top priority,” Lawson said. “We are working with the state police to ensure this matter is addressed quickly. I encourage all Hoosiers to be vigilant at this time and to monitor their voter registrations until the close of the voter registration deadline.”

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SOURCE: UPI, Eric DuVall